Website development for Multi-Academy Trust and school websites

Status designed and built a brand new multi-academy website (about to go live) and helped deliver a scalable digital solution for the Trusts' family of schools by creating a set of customisable website templates which can be customised and sub-branded for each new school entering the Trust. 

Our approach offers a consistent experience to parents visiting the Trust's websites while supporting the Trust in its growth objectives by offering a higher return on investment and a quick turn-around for each new school website. 

Teesdale school, Easington Academy and Browney Academy websites
  1. North East Learning Trust Logo's

    Status worked closely with the Trust and schools to identify website requirements based on user analytics, stakeholder insights and the Trust's core business objectives.

  2. Shotton Hall Academy website IA

    We used this information to create the Information Architecture for the Trust and school websites, which were developed in collaboration with the school and MAT stakeholders.

  3. Shotton Hall Academy wireframes

    In the 'create' phase we worked together with the Trust to design and create school website templates and sub-branded website designs for each individual school.

  4. Shotton Hall website on mobile

    We continue to support the Trust with their website optimisation and webdesign and build for each new school joining the Trust.

Alix Borthwick
Our websites have been designed and built in a way that makes them easily sustainable and consistent across the Trust. The Status CMS is intuitive and efficient which was a key part of the decision to commission Status.
Alix Borthwick, Head of Communications & Marketing
A mac and iphone screen showing the Shotton hall Academy Homepage


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Mobile First User Experience Design

  • 84 % increase in unique visitors
  • 9.6 % competition entries increase
  • 351 traffic increase from social channels
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Digital strategy for global educator

"Our partnership with Status over the last two years has led to measurable increases in admissions enquiries across our global family of schools."

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University partner website design and build

"Status helped us substaintially upgrade our website and made it responsive, engaging and user friendly."