Website and app development for NHS vehicle leasing scheme

Status helped NHS Fleet Solutions to design a digital solution that makes the process of searching for vehicles and submitting a lease quotation request quick and easy for customers. We developed a website and mobile app which also includes personalisation features that enable customers to manage their contract documentation and configure alerts for renewals, servicing and other routine vehicle maintenance.

Integrated Back-office Systems

The website and mobile app are seamlessly integrated with several back-office systems to automate much of the quotation management process as possible, thereby allowing large numbers of quotation requests to be managed by a relatively small team. The level of automation achieved has significantly reduced the overhead cost of running the service, ensuring that as much revenue as possible is now returned to support the delivery of healthcare services.

Fleet solutions homepage on laptop


  • Create a cost effective digital solution which NHS employees can use to search for vehicles and submit lease quotation requests
  • Create an integrated back-office system to automate the quotation management process and reduce overhead cost
  • Increase the number of NHS trust using Fleet Solutions and the number of lease quotes offered to NHS staff



The work Status delivered for NHS Fleet Solutions has resulted in:

503% increase in number of NHS trusts using NHS Fleet Solutions

Demonstrates strong growth in NHS trusts rolling out Fleet Solutions to their staff

171.35% increase in lease quotes offered to NHS staff

Indicates significant awareness of Fleet Solutions within the public sector and wider NHS

*Stats for period 2012-2015

Fleet Solutions App on Mobile Fleet Solutions app on mobile

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