Increase in traffic and student recruitment through new Clearing website

Status designed and optimised Newcastle University's Clearing website pages and course subject pages and developed an interactive guide to Clearing which provided prospective students with important updates and call to actions for each step of the Clearing process.

The new (UX-led) Clearing website led to a measurable increase in student awareness, engagement and conversion. 

Newcastle Clearing website on laptop and tablet


  • Increase traffic to the Newcastle University Clearing website. 
  • Increase traffic to the Newcastle University subject landing pages.
  • Increase Clearing-alert sign-ups.
  • Increase student applications through Clearing. 
  1. Newcastle University logo

    Firstly, we collected stakeholder and user insights and worked with the University's marketing team to create a set of measurable objectives to track the success of the Clearing campaign.

  2. Newcastle University Clearing Website IA

    In collaboration with the University's digital team and informed by the user journey, we then designed the UX/UI for the clearing and subject landing pages - adding clear call to actions on each page.

  3. Newcastle Clearing page wireframes

    Our UX and development team then created and refined the wireframes, visuals and the HTML/CSS for the new templates to be implemented in Terminal 4 by the University's IT team.

  4. Newcastle Clearing website on mobile and desktop

    After the Clearing website went live we continued to provide Newcastle University with performance reports to monitor the success of their campaign.

Newcastle Clearing website on laptop
Newcasle clearing website on mobile


Status worked with the Newcastle University Clearing project team to establish a measurement framework to track campaign performance against each objective. The campaign was very successful, with performance exceeding targets in most instances - resulting in increased registrations and enrolment for the 2017/2018 academic year.

72% increase in prospective students signing up for Clearing alerts

21% increase in international students signing up for Clearing alerts

14% increase in prospective students visiting the subject landing pages before results day

* Compared to 2016.


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Shotton Academy Students
School website design and build

"Our websites have been designed an built in a way that makes them easily sustainable and consistens across the Trust. The Status CMS is intuitive and efficient, which was a key part of the decision to commission Status."

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"Our partnership with Status over the last two years has led to measurable increases in admissions enquiries across our global family of schools."

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University website redesign
  • 36 % increase in traffic from organic search
  • 17 % increase in undergraduate applications
  • Best Student Recruitment Website Heist 2010