Early intervention through COPD telementoring 

 Status collaborated with patients and clinicians to create a proof-of-concept telementoring system for patients managing their Chronic Obstuctive Pulmonary Diseas (COPD). The aim of the system is to increase early intervention measures through increased patient self-management, improving patient's quality of life and reducing the reliance on NHS staff for continuous support. 

Our solution consist of an IOS and Android tablet app for patients and a secure back office system which clinical staff can use to review and monitor patient data. The app was designed to collect relevant and detailed information in an unobtrusive way and was designed for patients with varying levels of technical knowledge, disabilities, and confidence. 

Patient using iCOPD app


  • Create a scalable, unobtrusive, user friendly telementoring solution for both patients and clinical staff to record, monitor and evaluate the posibility of COPD episodes. 
  • Increase self-awareness, confidence and self-management for COPD patients to improve quality of life.
  • Significantly reduce administration time for managing patient data and facilitate the creation of more accurate and standardised patient notes.
COPD patient using the iCOPD app
  1. iCOPD logo

    Our approach led with extensive desk research and interviews with patients and clinicians to help us better understand the condition, user demographics and patient needs.

  2. COPD Patient Personas

    We used the research data to create detailed patient personas, which helped inform the content, functionality and initial design of the system.

  3. iCOPD prototype

    After the research stages we created interactive prototypes which we tested with COPD patients to received first-hand feedback and suggestions to improve the design and increase the success rate of the project.

  4. iCOPD app

    After several tests and iterations the visual design was completed and the app is now ready for release.

Clinician looking at patient data


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