A highly competitive marketing landscape demands that digital marketing strategies be constantly reviewed to ensure they remain effective.

Data gathered from web analytics and other sources, provides marketing teams with the information they need to understand how their strategies are performing and improve results.

But gathering data is only the first step.

Taking the time to understand what the data is telling you can deliver insights into how people think and behave when they engage with content, email campaigns, social media, websites and apps.

Data analysis can reveal trends and insights that can lead to improvements in marketing strategy, and in turn 'bake-in' a data-driven, customer-centric marketing approach that will help your business to outflank and outperform the competition.

How Status can help

We offer a suite of data analysis and marketing optimisation services to help businesses of all sizes adopt a structured approach to reviewing web analytics and other marketing data, which provides a framework for continuous improvement of your marketing strategy, thereby helping you to reach your business goals. 

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Take your first step toward using analytics data more effectively.

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Reporting and data analysis tailored to your business needs.

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Proactive, data-driven strategic marketing & website support for larger businesses.

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Take your first step toward using analytics data more effectively

Automated Reporting

Say goodbye to the hassles of having to log into your analytics accounts to find the data you need. Your analytics data will be extracted into a neatly packaged, easy to understand report and automatically emailed to you every month.

Key Metrics Included

The report contains a basic level of information about how your website is performing. It includes details such as the number of unique visitors, which sources are driving traffic to your site, top entry and exit pages, and which devices are being used.

Highly Scalable

When the time comes, we’ll help take your reporting to the next level by customising your reports and delivering Insight into what the data is telling us and what this might mean for your marketing strategy. 

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Understanding your data to build the business case for improvement Reporting and data analysis tailored to your business needs.

Goals and objectives

We’ll help you to establish clear website goals, and SMART objectives that you can use to measure how well your marketing strategies reach the right prospects and customers, and how well your website converts traffic into enquiries or sales.

Custom reporting

We’ll configure your web analytics software to deliver a set of custom reports that align with your KPIs. Your data will be automatically extracted from your web analytics software into an easy-to-read format and emailed to you as frequently as you need.

Data analysis

We’ll carry out a monthly review of your web analytics data and provide you with jargon-free analysis and insight into what the data tells us about how customers reach your site and how they behave when they get there. 

Marketing recommendations

Following data analysis, we’ll offer practical recommendations on how to improve your marketing strategies to drive high quality traffic from your ideal target customers.

Website recommendations

We’ll advise on strategies for testing and optimising your website’s user experience to improve customer journeys and site engagement, identifying opportunities to increase conversion rates and ROI.

Flexibility built in

Our Insight service is designed to offer you complete flexibility. We provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about where to invest to get the best return. Ideal if you’re working with a limited budget! 

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Proactive, data driven strategic marketing and website support

Continuous improvement

Act is the most comprehensive of our marketing optimisation services. It offers a retained service for businesses that recognise the importance of regular and comprehensive assessment of their digital marketing and website performance who want to invest in continuous improvement to deliver results. 

Insight + Act = ROI

Act delivers the same reporting, data analysis and recommendation service offered by our Insight service. In addition a portion of time is also allocated to website testing and UX optimisation to deliver increased conversion. The aim is to fine-tune your site to drive enquiries, leads and sales. 

Forward planning

Our Act service can also be extended to include time to support you with developing your digital strategy and for carrying out larger website developments. This helps with budget planning and ensures that any future expenditure is underpinned by reliable data that supports the business case for investment.

Results by design

Act delivers a proactive and systematic approach to the process of gathering and analysing data to support digital marketing planning, website optimisation and ongoing development. Act ensures you achieve your objectives and deliver a real impact for your business.


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