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Posted by Fiona Stuart on 18 July 2016

We hear from the talented students who joined the Status team for our 2016 Student Internship

At Status we're really keen to play our part in helping to develop the digital talent of the future - so each summer we run an internship programme to offer students some real life experience of working in a digital agency.  This experience hopefully helps them decide if agency life is right for them, and shapes the direction they wish to take their career upon graduation. We also get the bonus of identifying some really talented students whom we can start building relationships with for potential future employment - so everyone's a winner! 


Lunch at the Cycle Hub to welcome Rachael and Peter to the team

This June we had the pleasure of welcoming two superstar interns to our team, Peter who joined as our digital experience intern, and Rachael as our front end developer intern. At interview stage we were seriously impressed by them both, in terms of their knowledge, their enthusiasm and willingness to learn and, over their time with us they most definitely didn't disappoint!

To help fellow students who are considering whether an internship next summer is right for them or not, they've both kindly put together a quick rundown of their time with us covering the projects they got involved with, and what they've taken away.

I'll now hand over to them both to give you the full lowdown...

Peter_Maughan.jpgPeter's experience: "As a design master's student with an interest in user centred design, I jumped at the opportunity to apply for the digital experience intern position with Status Digital.

Although my background includes training within different fields ranging from graphic design to customer service, I had only recently started learning about user centred design during my degree.

During my first few days in the office I received a warm welcome, and I was inspired by the level of professionalism and expertise of the whole team. I worked closely with UX Director Lee and was briefed on the live client projects I would be involved with.

Working as part of a small design team, I required to learn more about UX design before I was assigned tasks. I was provided direction and areas of study, and I completed research and self-learning in the office under the supervision of Lee. As a student, I was already familiar with conducting independent research, and covered a lot of ground learning about UX design and process.

Once I was up to speed, I was introduced to real life UX design tasks and I got involved in activities ranging from user research and personas creation, to information architecture and wireframing. Some of this work contributed to a live client project, and I received fantastic instruction and supervision that helped me understand what's required to produce work of industry standard.

I gained a huge amount of experience during the digital experience internship, and can't thank the Status Digital team enough for the opportunity they provided to gain experience within the digital agency industry, and to develop my skills as a UX designer."

RachaelSimpson.jpegRachael’s experience:  "I guess the best place to start would be a little about me. I’m a second year digital design student studying at Newcastle College and my course can be described as a little bit of everything, most projects consist of seeing a website or a branding brief right through from start to finish and I really like that. It gives you a chance to try so many things and really get a feel for what you want to do. And what I want to do is code.

So when the opportunity of a front end developer internship came up I knew it was perfect. It gave me something to do over my long summer and an amazing chance to work with some really skilled people who had a wealth of knowledge in my subject. I was a little reluctant to apply at first, one of the things they asked for was an understanding of JavaScript and this was something I really had no idea about but after a talk with my lecturer we agreed a willingness to learn would be enough and it really has been.

I wasn’t sure what to expect on my first day but Technical Director Graeme, the main person I’ve worked with over the 4 weeks, was quick to put me at ease and as soon as I had met the rest of the team I felt I had been working with them my whole life. I was a little worried I would feel like an outsider but they made sure that wasn’t the case at all.

I was instantly put on tasks that were part of projects they were currently working on, small things at first that soon grew to working on larger websites. This was really good because it didn’t feel like I was doing pointless things that someone was telling you to do. Of course there were some points I got a little stuck but there was always someone to help and I felt like I could ask for help at any point.

Even when I started to work on some JavaScript stuff I didn’t feel as worried or scared as normal because I knew they would have my back and would point me in the right direction if and when I got stuck.

It’s funny because when I started this I expected I would learn some new dev skills and, don’t get me wrong I have, but the biggest thing I’ve learnt is about what it's like to work in an agency. It’s so important to understand what everyone is doing and to never be scared to ask for help. I would say that’s the best advice I can give to anyone who wants to do this, never ever be scared to ask for help. You’re spending a month with people who have been doing this for years and you need to make sure you use their knowledge.

I would recommend doing this to anyone. I have learnt so many things in this short time that I could never had learnt in my time at college. It gives you an understanding of what it’s like to work as a team and you learn so much about your chosen discipline."

We'll be releasing details of our 2017 internship soon - all details will be promoted through our twitter account so get following to make sure you don't miss out!


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