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Posted by Emma Mulder on 29 June 2017

The advantages of video as a legal marketing tool

Video marketing is on the rise, and not without reason - YouTube is now the second largest internet search engine, and users are consuming more videos than ever before. When used in the right way, video is an extremely powerful tool that can make an important contribution to your overall content marketing strategy.

In this post we’ll talk about how law firms can use video to help increase traffic to their website, build trust, showcase their attorneys' expertise and engage with current and potential clients online.

Video marketing as an inbound marketing tool

In a previous article, our managing director explored why it is important that law firms invest in a content marketing strategy. We'll now delve into the benefits of video marketing as a legal marketing tool, and share our tips on how to get started. 

Visual content is a great tool to help law firms connect with their (potential) clients and share their knowledge and expertise in an attractive, interactive format. But that’s not all. Online video is the perfect medium to:

1. Improve SEO and increase traffic to your website
Having useful, well-edited, SEO-optimised video content on your website can massively boost your search rankings. Video content is classed by Google as high quality content - meaning that websites with rich video content are more likely to rise to the top of the search results - increasing the visibility of your firm.

2. Strengthen client engagement
Video is naturally more engaging than text and helps offer content in an easy, digestible format. What’s more - people like to share videos they enjoy, helping to boost your online reach.

3. Increase website conversions
Embedding a video on your landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%. Whether you want your website visitors to click through to more videos, sign up to your email list, or get in touch with your team, a well-produced, relevant video will drive more conversions on your website.

4. Deliver impact
Creating a memorable image that sticks, increases the chance that your firm’s name will spring to mind when someone's looking for help with their legal issues. The Online Publishers Association states that 80% of users recall watching a video ad in the past month, with almost half of them taking some follow-up action, such as looking for more information or visiting a website. 

Why law firms should invest in video

Video is ideally suited to professional service marketing as lawyers often need to convey complex messages and services and video allows them to communicate these messages in a comprehensive and engaging way. By combining audio and visuals you can bring your services to life and introduce potential clients to your team while building trust and connecting with them on an emotional level.

There are different types of video law firms can use to promote their brand, increase engagement and attract the right people to their website. Below we set out three examples:

1. Brand videos

A brand video is the perfect way to introduce your law firm in a personal and interactive way. If you’re ready to start investing in video marketing, an engaging brand video is a great place to start.

Create a video that tells your story, introduce potential clients to your team and talk about the way you help your clients achieve their goals. 

Mincoffs Solicitors
use a brand video to introduce their lawyers, explain their services, and set out their approach to Family Law – introducing you to members of the team and their empathetic approach to emotional legal issues. The video conveys a personal message, which is far more powerful than text on a screen. 

2. Case studies and client testimonials

There’s no better way to showcase your success than by sharing your clients’ success stories. Client testimonials add a human element to your services and help demonstrate the effectiveness of your work.

Minster Law
offers a great example of bringing a client story to life. The Personal Injury specialists created some engaging Case Study videos based on their client’s authentic, relatable stories. Demonstrating the impact of their services in real-world scenarios.

3. Educational videos

People hire a lawyer, not a law firm. Using educational videos to teach your audience and demonstrate the expertise of your attorneys increases the credibility of your partners and helps build trust. Use web analytics to identify the topics your visitors are searching for, and create video content that showcases your lawyers’ knowledge.

Buying a house can be a complicated and overwhelming process. Andrew & Co Solicitors answer all first-buyer questions in an informative video - using interactive content marketing to attract new clients.

A strategic approach to video marketing

Many firms think video marketing is an expensive, and complicated, endeavour, but if executed in the right way, it can lead to high returns on investment (and it’s often cheaper than you think!).

Here are our top tips to get you started:

1. Analyse your target audience and establish the information that will be most helpful to them: Conduct keyword research to find out what they’re searching for and generate a list of your clients’ frequently asked questions.

2. Use long-tail keywords in your video titles and description, so people can easily find your content when searching for information, and make sure your metadata is optimised for search engine crawlers.

3. Ensure your video content is in line with your brand guidelines and clearly reflects your brand message and unique value proposition. Be authentic and create videos that people can relate to.  Also - try to avoid confusing legal jargon and make sure you speak a language that your clients understand.

4. Don't bore your audience. People prefer digestible, bite-sized content, and most won’t watch a video that’s too long. An educational video should be to the point and no longer than 60 - 90 seconds. A brand video can be a bit longer but ideally you want to keep all your videos under two minutes.

5. Always value quality over quantity. Roughly 62% of users are likely to build a negative perception of a firm that publishes poor quality videos. Your video is a reflection of your firm so always use professional recording and editing equipment to make sure your end video is a polished, professional representation of your company.

7 Ways to increase your video's reach 

You can create great video content, but if you don't share it, you won't see a return on investment. Use these simple steps to help expand your video's reach and make sure it's seen by the right people: 

  • Upload your videos to your website, YouTube channel and Facebook page, using long-tail key words to boost SEO rankings
  • Share your videos on your firm’s social media channels, like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn - not just once, but multiple times throughout the year
  • Encourage your team members to include your video in their email signatures
  • Announce the publication of each new video in your email newsletter
  • Ask your team and your industry partners to share your videos with their social networks and add your brand video to their LinkedIn profile
  • Use your video as part of a targeted Facebook advertising campaign
  • Add your brand video to your firm’s profile on law firm directories

Next steps

Hopefully this article has provided you with some practical, useful insights on how to use video als a legal marketing tool and how it can help your firm stand out from the crowd

If you need some help getting started or any assistance in rolling out a digital strategy for your law firm, get in touch, and start your video marketing journey today!



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